History Books – Hindi

Prarambhik Bharat Ka Parichay

GS – I, Ancient History – Prelims & Mains (Hindi)

It is a survey book on Ancient Indian history from prehistoric times to the seventh century. It deals with polity, economy, society, religion, philosophy and science technology in ancient India and highlights the contributions of ancient India in these fields.

This book is a revised, updated and upgraded version of Prachin Bharat (Ancient India), earlier published by NCERT. The book has been upgraded to suit the requirements of college and university students.

Four new chapters (chapters 4, 5, 6, 11) have been added. Several chapters like Neolithic Age (Ch. 9), Harappan Culture: Bronze Age Urbanization (Ch. 10) and Rigvedic Age (Ch. 12) have been extensively revised in the light of new researches and findings.

This will help the students to correlate events in a chronological sequence. Another special feature of the book is a detailed and updated bibliography.

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Bharatiya Kala, Sanskriti Evam Virasat: Civil Sewa Pariksha Hetu (Hindi)

GS – I, Ancient History – Prelims & Mains (Hindi)

The book, ‘Bharatiya Kala, Sanskriti Evam Virasat: Civil Sewa Pariksha Hetu’ has been prepared for students who are appearing for the civil services examination.

This exam is conducted by Union Service Public Commission (UPSC) and includes a diverse range of subjects. One of the key subjects of this exam is Indian culture, art and traditions and students are required to have extensive knowledge of all the topics related to this subject.

Keeping this aspect under consideration, this book proves to be effective as it covers the entire syllabus of Indian Arts and culture.

It has been prepared according to the guidelines and format prescribed by the Union Public Service Commission.

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Bharat Ka Rashtria Aandolan (Hindi)

GS – I, History – Prelims & Mains (Hindi)

MRP: 200

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Adhunik Bharat Ka Itihas (Hindi)

GS – I, History – Prelims & Mains (Hindi)

Adhunik Bharat Ka Itihas by Bipan Chandra is a comprehensive book that covers the modern Indian history in detail. The book has been compiled in Hindi for regional readers.

Often preferred by students preparing for civil services exams and by history students in various Indian colleges and universities, the book sheds light on the history of British Indian Empire and how British imperialism impacted India economically, socially and in terms of governance.

The book discusses in detail the good and bad outcomes of colonization and the various British policies that were in force from time to time. The book has been divided into 14 chapters in total.

MRP: 285, Discount: 75, Offer Price: 210

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Adhunik Bharat Ka Etihas (Hindi)

GS – I, History – Prelims & Mains (Hindi)

MRP: 404

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Madhyakaleen Bharat Rajniti, Samaj Aur Sanskr (Hindi)

GS – I, History – Prelims & Mains (Hindi)

Madhyakaleen Bharat (written in Hindi) is a book on the history of Medieval India. It covers the period between the eighth century and seventeenth century. Generally, most of the books on the history of medieval India start around 1206, the period of the Turkish invasion and establishment of Turkish rule in parts of north India.

The present book Madhyakaleen Bharat breaks this traditional pattern by starting at a much earlier date, from eight century onwards. The four hundred years from the eighth century to twelfth century, although a very significant period in Indian history, is a lesser studied period.

The significance of this period lies in the fact that the ancient Indian society was slowly changing and taking a new shape – marked by profound changes in polity, economy, society and culture. Very few books which survey medieval Indian society dig into this period.

It is an important book in the sense that it treats the subject-matter in a way which does away with the stereotyped analyses and attitudes and inculcates in the readers, who should largely be college and university students, a fresh attitude towards viewing history.

It gives them a general idea of the findings of other important historians and therefore readers can, in a single volume, have glimpses of modern trends of writings on this period. Above all, the book is very readable.

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Geography Books – Hindi

Bharat Ka Bhugol (Hindi)

GS – I, Geography – Prelims & Mains (Hindi)

Written in Hindi, ‘Bharat ka Bhugol’ aims at presenting a comprehensive study of Indian Geography to the students of higher classes as well as those preparing for competitive examinations.

This book includes all important topics about India’s varied geography, the physical features of the river system, desserts, mountain chains, drainage, natural vegetation and natural parks, climate, soil, energy sources, resources, industries, agriculture, political issues, cultural setting and contemporary issues.

By covering almost all the important aspect of Indian geography along with a concise introspective on the socio-political structure of India, this book aims at providing a wholesome knowledge to the aspirants of civil service examinations or those who simply wish to delve deeper into the terrains of India’s geography.

MRP: 525

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Orient Blackswan Viswa Atlas (Hindi)

GS – I, Geography – Prelims & Mains (Hindi)

Orient BlackSwan Vishwa Atlas : Laghu Sanskaran is the Hindi version of The Orient BlackSwan World Atlas : Mini Edition published by us. This colourful Atlas is prepared keeping in view the present day needs of the students.

The maps included in the book are authentic, easy to understand and attractive.

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Bharat Evam VIshwa Ka Bhugol

GS – I, Geography – Prelims & Mains (Hindi)

Bharat Evam Vishwa Ka Bhugol’ is a Hindi Geography book which has been widely acclaimed as one of the most suitable books for understanding the concepts of world geography as well as Indian geography. It is an ideal book for preparation of several competitive examinations.

The book follows a thorough and extensive research based approach and vividly describes the geography, topography, atmosphere, climate and other aspects of the subjects for easy and satisfactory understanding of the readers. The book has a wide number of maps and diagrams explaining the formative and underlying concepts of Geography.

The language of the book is Hindi which is simple, easy to follow and understand. The book has been divided into chapters on the basis of location and also includes detailed maps of the world and countries.

One of the primary focuses of the book is the geography of India and hence it forms a major part of the book. Chapters on the flora and fauna of India, rivers, boundaries of the state, etc. have detailed descriptions coupled with clear and marked maps for better understanding. All the topics are covered in brief detail and provide the necessary information to the candidates looking to understand different topographic elements.

MRP: 480, Discount : 147, Offer Price: 333

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Oxford Student Atlas (Hindi)

GS – I, Geography – Prelims & Mains (Hindi)

ऑक्सफ़र्ड स्टूडेंट एटलस (भारत संस्करण) अत्याधुनिक तकनीकों के प्रयोग से परिशुद्ध एवं सुलभ मानच ित्र प्रस्तु त करता है । यह एटलस भार त की विभि न्न शैक्षणिक पाठ्यक्रमों की
अपेक्षाओं पर खरा उतरता है। एटलस का यह नवीनतम संस्करण पूर्णतः शोधि त एवम आधुनिक है, तथा उन समस्त छात्रों की आवश्यकताओं को भी पूर्ण करता है जो संघ लोक सेवा आयोग,
रा जकीय लोक सेवा आयोग तथा अन्य परीक्षणीक संस्था ओं द्वारा आयोजि त प्रतिय ोगि ता परीक्षा देने के इच्छुक हैं ।

MRP: 245, Discount : 26, Offer Price: 219

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Polity Books – Hindi

Hamari Sansad (Hindi)

GS – II, Indian Polity – (Prelims )

MRP: 90

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Bharat Ka Samvidhan: Ek Parichaya: Ek Parichaya (Hindi)

 GS – II, Indian Polity – (Prelims  & Mains)

It gives an account of the working of each of the provisions of the Constitution during its first decade with reference to statutes and decisions wherever necessary, together with a critical estimate of its trends, in a concluding chapter.

The analytical Table of Contents, Marginal Notes, Index and the Graphic Tables at the end of the book will serve as admirable aids.

The three Legislative lists have been printed side by side for the convenience of reference.

The change made by the different Constitution Amendment Acts up to the 98th Amendment and the reorganization of the States made by various statutes may be seen at a glance.

Without going into excessive detail, the foot notes and references have been printed at the end of each Chapter so that the advanced student and the researcher may profit by pursuing those references, after his study of the contents of each chapter.

MRP: 225

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Bharat Ki Rajvyavastha (Hindi)

GS – II, Indian Polity – (Prelims  & Mains)

The fourth edition of the book is an updated version of an edition that was first published in July 2010. Ranging from history, geography, sciences, economics, current affairs, Government and Indian polity, industry, public administration and the many developments that the country has made have all be tabulated and compiled under different chapters in this book.

The book also contains much information about various policies implemented by the Indian government. India’s freedom struggle, the shaping of the country’s constitution and the events and changes that have been made to it, along with other related developments has been dealt with in detail.

The book is written in an easy to understand language, has info-graphics and comprehend-able data neatly laid out. The book is a considered essential reading aspirants appearing for union civil services examinations but is also helpful for educators, researchers and academicians.

MRP: 535, Discount : 126, Offer Price: 409

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