Bezbaruah Committee

Bezbaruah Committee submitted its report to Ministry of Home Affairs


The Committee under the Chairmanship of Shri M.P. Bezbaruah, Member, North Eastern Council and other members submitted its report to the Ministry of Home Affairs.

The Committee was constituted in February, 2014 to look into the various concerns of persons hailing from the North Eastern States who are living in different parts of the country, especially the Metropolitan areas, and to suggest suitable remedial measures which could be taken by the Government.

The terms of Reference of the Committee were as follows:-

(i) To examine the various kinds of concerns, including the concerns regarding security, of the persons hailing from the North Eastern States.

(ii) To examine the causes behind the attacks/violence and discrimination against the people from the North-Eastern States.

(iii) To suggest measures to be taken by the Government to address these concerns.

(iv) To suggest legal remedies to address these concerns.

The Committee was chaired by Shri M.P.Bezbaruah, IAS (Retd.) and had Shri H.W.T. Syeim, IAS (Retd.), Shri Alemtemshi Jamir, IAS(Retd.), ShriTape Bagra, IAS(Retd.) and Shri P. Bharat Singh, IAS(Retd.) as members. Shri Robin Hibu, IPS, Joint Commissioner of Police, Delhi was also in the team of the Ministry of Home Affairs to assist the Committee.

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