Bagurumba folk dance

Bagurumba dance is an important dance of the Bodos of Assam. The Bagurumba dance is a spring time dance of the Bodos of Assam. The dance is the usually performed during Bwishagu festival of the Bodos in the Bishuba Sankranti or in Mid-April. Bagurumba dance is instituted just after the hard plantation work of the people. This dance does much to relieve them of their pain of the work. The hidden matters of the Bathou Puja are found in this dance. The Bagurumba dance is also called “butterfly dance” because this attractive folk dance of the Bodo tribe of Assam, resembles the movement of birds and butterflies.


It is a most graceful and captivating dance of the Bodos. Full of rhythm and vivacity, dancers hop and swing, bend and unbend, and at times, give the impression of fluttering butterflies. This is mainly a formation dance performed with slow steps and outstretched hands. It is basically a female oriented dance. A group of girls dressed in most colourful traditional dress like dokhna, jwmgra and aronaicostumes usually perform this dance with the accompaniment of traditional musical instruments of Bodos like serja (a bowed instrument), sifung (flute), tharkha (a piece of split bamboo), kham/madal a long drum made of wood and goatskin. Gongona, a musical instrument of a curved horn is also used. The dancers dance uttering “bagurumba hay bagurumba” etc.

The Bagurumba dance is instituted only to appease or propitiate “Bathou”, the supreme god of the Boros. The Boros regard the Sizu Plant (Euphorbia Splendid) as the symbol of this deity or god. TheBagurumba dance is considered as a light dance. This dance is not only attractive but also solemn. It may be remembered that the song of this dance gives us a simple description of the world of nature.

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Now a days, it has got two variations: Natural Bagurumba, which is performed without song, and the Royal Bagurumba, which is accompanied by songs.

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