Arudhra – Medium Power Radar


Arudhra radar

Arudhra –   Medium Power Radar developed by DRDO

Medium Power Radar – Arudhra has been indigenously developed by Electronics and Radar evelopment Establishment (LRDE), Bengaluru, an establishment of DRDO.

Medium Power Radar (MPR) is capable of automatic detection and tracking air intrusions at an altitude of about 100 meters up to a range of 30 km.

Arudhra Medium Power Radar is the first indigenous rotating active phased array multi-function radar with Digital Beam forming technology.

The radar covers 360 degree in azimuth and is capable of performing volumetric surveillance to detect and track aerial targets up to 400 km in range and 30 km altitude.

This radar can survive intense ECM environment and electromagnetic interference. It is integrated with modern identification of Friend or Foe system to recognize enemy targets and is transportable by road, rail and Air

The Arudhra Medium Power Radar is being inducted to replace the ageing (THALES-built) TRS-2215 and (BEL-built) PSM-33 radars on the inventory of IAF.

The radar is state-of-the-art technology capable of detecting targets at ranges greater than 300km and it is an important component in the IAF’s plans to achieve net-centric operations.

The radar would strengthen air-defence in the Saurashtra-Kutch region. The Arudhra is being inducted in a signals unit which has rich historical legacy.

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