Abhay – Future Infantry Fighting Vehicle (FICV)


Abhay - Future Infantry Fighting Vehicle (FICV)

The Abhay (fearless) is a prototype of India’s indigenously developed infantry fighting vehicle.

Abhay – Future Infantry Fighting Vehicle (FICV) a  multidisciplinary and multi-lab project was launched by Vehicles Research and Development Establishment (VRDE), a constituent establishment of Defence Research and Development Organisation DRDO to develop an indigenous ICV as a technology demonstrator, incorporating a blend of state-ofthe-art technologies with impressive

Features of Abhay – Future Infantry Fighting Vehicle (FICV)

The DRDO has also offered to the Indian Army the Infantry fighting vehicle called Abhay which has been developed within Combat Vehicle Research and Development Establishment of the DRDO. Abhay will have automatic self loading cannon (Bofors 40 mm L70 HV). It will have six double wheeled road wheels, hydro-pneumatic suspension system, 360 degrees traversing turret, 30 mm automatic grenade launcher and modern communication systems.

The Abhay – Future Infantry Fighting Vehicle (FICV) is an armored vehicle program under development to replace the Soviet era BMP-2 fighting vehicles and the design of the Abhay is largely based on the BMP series for which development work began in mid nineties and the trials began in 2000.

The Abhay – Future Infantry Fighting Vehicle (FICV) is in the class of vehicles between an Armored Personnel Carrier and the Main Battle Tank and has been classified as Infantry Combat Vehicle.  In fact this will be a major part of army’s armor modernization program in the future.

Though Indian Army operated the Soviet BMP in limited numbers, but they gained enough experience to modify the armored vehicle to suit its combat requirements in accordance with the terrain.

It will have a crew of three standard personnel consisting of driver, gunner and commander. The vehicle will have a compartment of seven combat ready troops with an access door in the back. The soldiers inside will be protected by the armor of Kanchan fame used in the Arjun Battle Tank.

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It will be equipped with six smoke grenade dischargers for self defence by creating tactical smoke screens. Standard NBC (Nuclear, Biological and Chemical) protection will also be available along with integrated laser warning receivers.

An integrated fire control system and along with thermal sights will assist the crew.

The AFPSDS and the High Explosive ammunitions will be selectively used to destroy hard and soft targets.

The vehicle will store 210 projectiles of 40 mm ammunition.

The Abhay will also include the anti tank missile launchers for penetrating the armor of the enemy Main Battle Tanks. It will also be able to take on the attack helicopters with its machine gun.

The Abhay – Future Infantry Fighting Vehicle (FICV) has also been described as Future Infantry Fighting Vehicle (FICV) and will be a 22-24 ton fighting vehicle with the striking capacity of a 45 ton MBT. However, the Abhay will have to compete with other domestic companies who have set sight on the Indian Army’s requirement to replace the BMP-2.

The Indian Army will require more than 2600 of these FICV and the order will be worth Rs 50 to 60,000 crores.

The Indian MoD has notified that the FICV will be acquired under the make category of the DPP.

MoD hopes that this will help develop India’s private sector defence industry, but experts are of the opinion that the MoD should not ignore the Abhay FICV already under very advanced stage of development and ask the Indian private industry to partner with the DRDO to produce the FICV under technology transfer.

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