EASURING NATIONAL PROGRESS – To truly advance social progress, we must learn to measure it, comprehensively and rigorously. The Social Progress Index offers a rich framework for measuring the multiple dimensions of social progress, benchmarking success, and catalyzing greater human wellbeing. The 2014 version of the Social Progress Index has improved upon the 2013 ‘beta’ version through generous feedback from many observers. We continue to welcome your use and testing of our data, and feedback to help us continue to improve


Of issues covered by the Basic Human Needs Dimension, India does best in areas including Nutrition and Basic Medical Careand has the greatest opportunity to improve human well being by focusing more on Shelter. Of issues covered by the Foundations of Wellbeing Dimension, India excels at providing building blocks for people’s lives such as Access to Basic Knowledge but would benefit from greater investment in Access to Information and Communications. Of issues covered by the Opportunity Dimension, India outperforms in providing opportunities for people to improve their position in society and scores highly in Personal Freedom and Choice yet falls short in Tolerance and Inclusion.


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